Thursday, February 26, 2009

Baby Hungry

I know I have only been married for almost 7 months, but every time I see Trav with kids it makes me want to have my own. (ALL IN GOOD TIME)
I think it is so cute how Addie has the biggest crush on him . . . and all he had to do was buy her pink ice cream!


So it is offical I have joined the DARK SIDE. I am still not sure what to think, but we will give it a try!

Happy Birtday Guy!

For Guy's birthday we decided to ice skating and to Texas Road House. Guy has been Trav's best friend for who knows how long. We both love him like a brother and were glad to spend some time with him on his special day!

Ault's Adventures

For the past two years Tanya (trav's sister) has taken time out of her busy schedule to come play with us in Utah. It is a tradition to go out to Happy Sumo for our favorite SUSHI. The best part about it is that Lou and Marshall (trav's parents) foot the bill. Since last year Tanya tried snowboarding, we thought we would all giving skiing a try. It was so much fun - we are basically EXPERTS! Thanks Tanya for coming to play with us we had so much fun and can't wait for our next AULT adventure!

Ski Utah

Deer Valley Tradition

Every year we head up to Deer Valley to watch the ski comp. Thanks Stacey and Tyre for inviting us and Cam and Angie for coming with us!