Sunday, March 7, 2010

Trav's Dirty 30

For Trav's Dirty 30 I wanted to do something special. I knew that he didn't want a surprise party or to make it a big deal so I had to break into my creativity. I decided that I would get him a skeet shooter and some clay pigeons along with a few other things. Since he is from Texas and always claims he is a cowboy I decided I would base my theme around this. Throughout the day I had clues for him that lead us to the next activity. From breakfast in bed, to shooting for 5 hours, a trip to Cabelas a nice dinner and a few other Dirty 30 activities. . . I think that it turned out great. Happy 30th Birthday Babe! (More pics to come)

Happy Valentine's Day To Us

With "Baby Ault" on the way we keep living it up on the thought that this will be our last __________ before we are a family of three. Now don't get me wrong we are so excited and can hardly wait to be parents, but we know that things will change. So this year for Valentine's day we decided to travel Utah and pamper ourselves. Although we are on a tight budget each month we have put back a little to play with. We started out simple rented a movie, bought some treats and made a sweet pad in our living room. The next morning we had a romantic couples massage at "Heavenly Hands". It truly was heavenly and so nice to be able to lay on my stomach. Then we went to lunch at saw Avitar in 3-D. We came home and got few things done and they got all cleaned up and went out for Sushi. We kept looking on the internet and found a sweet last min deal up at the Canyons. So the next day we checked in and our room was everything I was hoping for. We had a jetted tub, mountain side view and a fireplace. It was picture perfect. We spent some quality time together and went out to a nice dinner at Bangkok Tai. Then we went back to our place and I had a little gift for Trav. We both agreed to not do anything, but I couldn't help myself. So I decided to buy trav a huge card and come up with 101 reasons I Love You! I thought that this would be hard, but it was one of the easiest things I have ever done and recommend it to anyone to try. (as I was writing it I was a bit emotional, I truly do love my husband more than anything) Much to my surprise Trav also had a little something up his sleeve. He wrote me the most tender love letter and framed a picture of me and him with his hands on my prego belly. When he did all of this I have no idea. This semester in school and been so busy, but he somehow always puts me first. Thanks babe for making this such a special valentines day - - I LOVE YOU!

There Is Something In The Water. . .

In the past I have always been a few years behind my friends or sister-n-law as far as baby making goes. I always told them that I would catch them on round 2 or 3 having kids, but never thought it would be like this. Once I found out that Angie was prego I decided I needed to let everyone know that I was too. Then I find out that Cortney is pregnant and a few weeks later Heath leaked the same news. How exciting! That must mean that there is something in the water because we are all within 1 month of each other. Here is the breakdown:

Cortney is having a boy and due on May 8
I am having a boy and due on May 14
Angie is having a girl and due on May 22
Heather is having a girl and due on June 2

Now who knows when these little ones will actually decided to join us. We just pray that everything will go well and that we may all deliver healthy babies. This has been a fun process to share with some of my best friends and I am looking forward for the friendships that will hopefully continue through our kids. Hang in there girls only a few more months/weeks to go . . . Can you believe it!

February Fugly Night

That's right this month I was in charge of our girls night. We try to do it once a month and rotate who is hosting it. I decided that we would keep it simple, so we had dinner at my house.(Thanks Brooke for helping me out). Then I asked everyone to dig through their photos and see who could come up with some "FUGLY" ones. That means they could either be funny or ugly! Come on you know you all have some of these pics. I was impressed what we were able to dig up. My favorite part of looking at some of my photos was realizing that I really went through a chubby stage and didn't really realize it. Thanks girls for the fun night. I am looking forward to next month . . . (sorry no fugly pics will be posted at this time)