Saturday, August 22, 2009

Tony Grove 2009 - Starring . . .

Grandma, Pa Pa, Mameron, Angieler, Caders, Macey, Ree, Mamie, T and Jillble!

My dad use to work at Tony Grove as a ranger. Ever since we were little we have taken trips up there. This time we got the whole family to go. The only problem was when we got there the sights were taken. Mom sat in a chair for a few hours waiting to wave us down so we would know where to to go. Just up the street dad had found a girls camp sight that was open and we were able to stay in there yerts. It was pretty nice I must admit, but a bit large for just a few of us. We had a lot of fun chillen around the camp fire, making tin foil dinners, fishing and of course the canoe! Hopefully this will become a Morgan Family tradition!

Camping with Cade

I am beginning to understand why so many of you post so many pictures of your kids. Although I don't have any of my own yet I absolutly adore my nephew Cade. This was his first time camping so of course I had to capture it all. I also promised mom and dad that I would put up these pics since they don't have a blog of there own! This first pic is of Pa pa and Caders looking for bugs - how cute is that! Enjoy . . .

Girls Camp 2009 - Camp Ensign

Shortly after Travis and I moved into our ward I was called to be the Young Womens President. It has been such an amazing calling and helped me learn so much. It has also been a lot of fun. This was my first time going to girls camp as a leader and I loved it. I got the best of both worlds. Got to hang out with the girls, stay up late in my tent, but did not have to worry about certification. We had such a good time at Camp Ensign and look forward to next year!

Marrissa's Wedding In Lake Tahoe

My girlfriend Ris got married to the her best friend Josh Whitney on July 24, 2009 in Lake Tahoe. A few of us were able to make a road trip out of it so that we could support her. We stayed in Kallie's aunts amazing house in Reno the first night. The next day we played with Ris at the beach that she was getting married at - good times! Then we hurry and all got ready for the WEDDING! It was beautiful. Congrats MR. and MRS. WHITNEY!