Monday, January 25, 2010

My Kind Of Hunting. . .

Hunting for food
Hunting for relaxation
Hunting for a place to buy stuff on New Years Eve
Hunting for a the right name - I just love Mema and Pops
Hunting for baby ault
Time with Lou = Priceless
Lou, love you! Thanks again for taking such good care of me and baby Ault! Don't tell the boys, but I think we truly are the best hunters in the house!

Happy New Years 2010

Wow, I can't believe that Christmas has already come and gone. After spending Christmas with my family we were able to go back out to Texas for about 5 days. Trav really wanted to go hunting with his dad, and we felt this would be a great opportunity for me to spend some one on one time with Lou. WE WERE RIGHT! We had such a great time. We did a lot of baby shopping, went out to lunch, got pedicures and of course got in tune with our creative side.

Trav said this was one of the best hunts he has had in a long time. Since I have been around the past few years it has been awhile since Trav and his dad got to hunt in a blind together. For those of you who are hunters I have learned that it is not all about the kill. It really is such a bonding experience. However, the kill is nice and Trav was able to shoot a nice 8 point management buck! Once they got back from the trip he decided to make a uro mount out of it. This takes quite a bit of work, but well worth it. Now we just have to decide where to put it . . .

Christmas With The Morgan's

Pictures coming soon . . .

Happy Thanksgiving

Pictures coming soon . . .

Our Inside Story

This year it was our turn to do Thanksgiving our in Texas and Christmas with my family. Trav and I thought that it would be cool do get our gender ultra sound with his family. We made an appointment at a place called "Our Inside Story". It was such a great experience. They had 3 monitors set up in a spa like setting. The big monitor was in front of us so everyone could see. It amazes me the second they put that goo on your tummy within seconds you can not only see, but hear your little ones heart beat. The session lasted for about 15 min. and at the end they told us the best news. That we would be have a baby . . . BOY! Words can't describe how you feel at that moment. It was an emotional experience for us all. This will be Marshall an Lou's first grandchild, our first baby and Tanya's first nephew! It was so cute because Trav asked over and over again. Now you're sure! Our tech kept replying I am sure and then would show us another picture. Once she said he was a well endowed little guy. Trav smiled as any proud father to be would. That answer satisfied him. It is so fun to have this type of connection. Now all the planning can begin name, nursery etc. We can hardly wait!

4 months

4 months and starting to feel good again! Let's be honest we all have our ups and downs with pregnancy. Since this is our first I didn't know what to expect. The first 8 weeks were wonderful. I guess those first two months I would label as the "shock factor". Trav and I still couldn't believe that we were actually pregnant. Then came the morning sickness. For those of you that have known me for a long time. you already know that I am so sensitive to smell. Well being pregnant makes it 1,000 times worse. The slightest smell or discomfort and I found my self dry heaving over the toilet . . . at least it started out that way. Before you knew it I had actually lost weight being pregnant because I could not keep anything down. Trav was so sweet during this whole process and even cleaned up after me a few times. Every one kept saying the second trimester gets better . . . They were RIGHT! I am feeling much better. Now I just need to find out what this little one is. Stay tuned ?