Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Road Trip 2009 - Winging it!

Trav and I decided that we needed to go on one last big vacation before he starts school in August. We looked at booking a cruise or an all inclusive in Mexico, but they all seemed to be a bit out of our budget. So instead we decided to wing it. We booked a few hotels a couple days before we left. Packed up Trav's car and hit the road. We decided to break up our trip so that the drive didn't seem so long. We would change a thing about the way we did it. It was absolutely perfect! Our first stop was in Mesquite, Nevada. I know most of you are thinking WHAT? We took advantage of their spa package and loved it. We spent almost 5 hours at the spa hanging out in our robes in the relaxation room, chillin in the mineral bath, sweating in the eucalyptus sauna, and enjoying our 1 hour Swedish massages. Who new the Casablanca could be so fun. The best part was that we did it together!

Nice Stay at Hotel Clay

On our way into San Diego we stopped by and stayed at Hotel Clay. Clay has been like a brother to Travis so it was good to spend some time with him. Clay and his buddy Matt took us to Sana Monaco beach to try out surfing. It was so much fun!

Sea World San Diego Style

You can't go to San Diego and not check out Sea World.

Loving life in La Jolla

Since this trip was not totally planned we got some great deals. Trav booked us a room at the Empress Hotel. It was perfect. A few minutes away from the beach, great customer service and super soft sheets! We also ate an amazing dinner at Alfonso's and had fun checking out all of the views.

San Diego Temple

We thought that this would be a good way to spend our Sunday. After church we went to the San Diego temple. Trav took some great shots!

La Jolla Shores

We were given a few recommendations to go certain places, although we never planned on it we kept running into a few of them. Jeff's Burgers were great, the beach was fun, but no one told us how many people would be there. It was so crowded!

Scenic Hike

We thought that it would be nice to take a little scenic hike through La Jolla since parking sucks. It was well worth it!

Coronado Beach

We had a lot of fun on this trip, but Coronado beach topped it off. I am not sure if what the beautiful sunset, playing in the ocean or seeing the school of dolphins swim right by us that did it for me!

Hunnington Beach and heading home

So on our way home we decided to do one last stop to Hunnington beach. Of course we had to get in on a little bit of the street action as well. We stayed long enough to watch a guy hammer a nail into his nose! As we hit the road again we decided that we should stop off in St. George since we had been driving a lot that day. We booked a 4 star hotel on Hotwire last minute and we very pleased with our results! We had such an amazing trip even though winged most of it. I can't wait until our next adventure . . .

Best Birthday Surprise Ever!

After going to Park City, having a Birthday party at Boondocks, getting presents in the mail from Trav's family(Thanks Marshall, Lou and Tanya I loved them all) I thought that my birthday was more that complete. However, Trav had one more surprise up his sleeve. He took me out to Happy Summo for dinner. We love our SUSHI! Then he drove me to a studio and had arranged for private partner dance lessons followed by a dance party. To top it off he got me way to many gifts - I am pretty sure he went out of our budget, but I had such a good time. Thanks babe for being so thoughtful! You continually amaze me by all that you do. I love you!

Boondocks Birthday Party

For all those that know Stacey and I our birthday's are on the same day, July 7, but two years apart. Since we have to share our special day we stretch it out as much as possible. We had a family party at Boondocks . . . GOOD TIMES!