Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Birthday Boy

The fake restaurant

The real Tepanyaki

Birthday Cake #2

Birthday cake #1

February 27 was Travis' big 28th birthday! It was pretty much rad. We started out by going to dinner. We had the great idea of going to a Japanese Steakhouse where they make the food in front of you. Jamie had googled one here in Salt lake, and printed out the menu so we could have a well planned evening. When she googled it, she spelled Teppanyaki with 2 P's. The results came up, and she got the address for it in west valley. We drove and drove but could not find it. Finally in a small shopping center we found the restaurant....... a small hole in the wall called BanzaiTeppan Yaki. Once we got there we realized it wasnt what we wanted. We sat down and it was some small mom and pop japanese restaurant. After the waitress went to get us our water.... we bailed!!! Jamie made a few calls, and then we finally ended up at the right Tepanyaki's restaurant. It only has 1 P! After our dinner Jamie acted like she had forgotted something at her parents house, and needed to stop by and get it. When we showed up, Travis learned that it was all a setup and Jamie's parents had left for the night. The place was decorated with banners, and candles, and a nice fire. We opened presents, and Travis got all the super cool stuff. The cool stuff was a apron because Travis is about the worlds best cook, some sushi making tools, and a new hoodie. The highlight of the night was probably the cake Jamie made. It was in a shadow box, and was a whole snowboarding scene!!! It was complete with snowboarders, a car, a parking lot, a lift and tons of snow and trees!!! All in all it was a perfect night and we loved spending the special day together.