Sunday, February 24, 2008

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T it is your 28th Birthday, yes it is true
So, I decided to make a Blog for me and you.
I hope babe that this will make you smile all day!
Tonight is your night so get ready to PLAY!

Once upon a time . . .

I suppose you are wondering how I found this boy, or should I say he found me! Travis moved here last November from Houston, Texas. He graduated from Texas A&M in Biomedical Science.(Yep, he is a smarty pants.) Considering that there are only 3 single wards in Houston and he had a better job offer in SLC, he packed his bags and headed up here. At the beginning of December, 2007 we ended up meeting at a Christmas PJ party. I was looking my best in my Penguin Pajamas and pigtales to say the least. After the party I got a phone call from Kelton Cole, one of Travis's mission comps and a good friend of mine from high school. They decided to come over and chill. It was a great time, but a mystery. Travis and Kelton left and I was pretty sure he didn't even know my name, but there was definitely some type of chemistry between us. A few days later I received a TEXT wishing me a Merry Christmas and mentioning that we should hangout when he got back into town. Sure enough he called me up and as they say the rest is HISTORY . . . for the most part. We became buds from the beginning and truly built our relationship on a firm foundation of friendship. After some time (and I mean I was very patient) we realized that we were ready to take the next step. Yep, he asked me to be his "GIRLFRIEND" and I said YES! I know it sounds silly, but it seems harder for people to commit these days. Since then things have been nothing but up hill. I have been on Cloud 9 and in my own little world. I truly love Travis with all my heart and know that he feels the same way. He is not only my best friend and team mate, but someone who I can see myself with for FOREVER!
It is official -- I am in LOVE! X O X O X O X O

I know your thinking it is about time, but it was well worth the wait!


What can I say - I found myself a "TEXAS HOTTIE".
It was so refreshing to meet a boy outside of Utah.


Tanya (Travis's sister) came out to Utah to visit.
It was her first time playing in the SNOW!
She loved it. One thing that I love the most about Travis is his relationship with his family! Although they live in Texas, he definitely puts them first. He has an awesome relationship with with his family and tells me over and over how much he LOVES them!

My whole Fam-damily
Double date with my parents -Guess who won?!

If you guessed ME - your right!

We went and celebrated my Grandpa Bowen's 80th Birthday! I love how supportive Trav is of me and the things that are the most important in my life.

He truly is my #1 fan!

We always find time to PLAY!

Vroom . . . Vroom

Trav just ridding the sicky nar nar!
You should have seen the cliff he drove up with NO HANDS!
While shouting, "Who's your daddy?"

He really out did himself . . .

Who says you can't go camping in WINTER . . . We found a way!
Trav always tries hard to plan creative dates.

For Valentine's Day Travis went all out. I woke up that morning and he had spray painted "I LOVE JAMIE" in the snow. As I drove to work I found random messages written from him. It was so thoughtful and creative (which goes a long way with me). That night we exchanged gifts. He bought me a picture of Christ reaching down to children and framed it himself. Then he made reservations at Braza Grill. We had an awesome dinner followed by a great nuggle session. However, the part that I loved the most was the sentimental side of Travis. He wrote me a letter that brought tears to my eyes. It was definitely a celebration of LOVE!

Simply Irresistable

So we may love to snowboard, but I can think of a few other things we love to do too . . .


There is nothing I enjoy more than my NUGGLE TIME with Travis. After a long day at work, getting krunk, cooking dinner, grades etc. I look forward to being held in T's arms. We both say that it's one of the best parts of the day!

I wanna grow old with you . . .

For Halloween T and I decided that we would dress up as "OLD FARTS". We thought that this would be a great way to make sure we still look HOT even with gray hair and wrinkles. One of my favorite things that Travis says is, "We are going to have so much fun for, forever" I truly can't think of someone that I have more FUN with. Whether we are dressing up, playing or taking care of LIFE we always seem to do it with a smile on our face! Let's be honest we are "KIDS AT HEART".

Someone I can always LOOK UP TO!

Ever since Travis and I started "Hanging Out" I learned very quickly that he was someone I could trust. I look up to him in more ways than one. Not only is he taller than me, but he is one of my best examples and someone who encourages me to be the BEST ME possible.


Travis is so cute he always asks if we can "FIGHT". So far this was our biggest fight yet and it was all over a snowball. If that is the only thing we fight about I think we are in good shape. I actually love that Travis and I are able to communicate so well. We can always seem to find humor in the little things!