Sunday, April 13, 2008

Easter 08'

AULT-STARS It's all about the W
Before the Big Egg Hunt
Guitar Hero Champions of Easter
Aunt Mamie and Caders

Every year there is a big Easter egg hunt that goes down at Jamie's parents house. There is mad scratch involved cuz her parents load the eggs with some serious coin. I don't want to ruin the ending for you, but James and I won with 79 bucks. Sushi dinner here we come; don't bother waiting up for us. It all started off with a great dinner of ham, and funeral potatoes, followed by a family nap. That just gets people ready for game time. Jamie and I decided to go all out and suited up in our custom uniforms for a bit of intimidation. It obviously paid off as we got all the eggs, but we then felt charitable and put a few back for the other teams to get a few too. Hey.... its family, we do what we can. All in all it was so fun, but the best part was just being with family. Thanks, Blake and Marsha, for having us all over and keeping the Easter tradition.

Viva Las Vegas

Mom, and Tanya were gonna be in Vegas for a weekend for a wedding, so James and I decided to saddle up and take a trip down to visit them. It was so fun hanging out with mom, and tj. We played, and played and played. We spent most of our trip walking around town going into all the casinos, but we did manage to see a few shows. The best, by far, was Cirque du Soleil. Those people are almost as strong as Jamie. For reals, it was such a blast to get away. Not too mention we ate like champs thanks to mom fitting the bill where ever we went. Thanks mom, (and dad :) )